Sealed Source Registration


The purpose of this form is to provide a mechanism for users to register radioactive sealed sources with the Off-Site Source Recovery Program (OSRP); Cesium Irradiator Replacement Program (CIRP) as well as the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) Source Collection and Threat Reduction (SCATR) program.

Please register each individual sealed source even if they are still in use and you wish to keep them for now. A place has been provided to indicate whether or not the sources are excess (a.k.a., "not in use" or "unwanted").

Important: In some cases legal reuse and recycling might be possible and is encouraged by NNSA and OSRP. By completing source registration with OSRP, registrants indicate that they have considered recycling but have chosen not to pursue that action. Registration does not imply nor guarantee that the program can assist with removal/disposition of all radioactive material.

Following submission, the information will reviewed prior to database entry. Once your information has been checked, you will receive an e-mail notice or telecon that the transfer was completed. This process may take several days depending on the number of pending registrations.

Prior to potential recovery of source(s), owners will be contacted to discuss options and OSRP requirements for source documentation. Any questions or problems with source registration should be submitted to OSRP Group, or phone (505) 606-0362.

Alternative registration methods include: (1) Downloading an Excel template, (2) Downloading this Adobe PDF form, or by (3) Faxing, phoning, mailing, or emailing detailed unwanted source information to a specific OSRP team-member. Download the Excel template or PDF form by right-clicking and saving to your computer. Fill it out, and then submit it as an email attachment. Note: When you open the spreadsheet, please enable the macros.

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Please have your source inventory ready before proceeding.
Each source must be registered individually.

First, please enter the text above      (This is your one-time passcode.)