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Special Form & Package Certificates

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(Note: Use RAMPAC for updated USA special form certificates)

International Certs and OSRP Special Form Engineering Evaluations


The OSRP provides access to Great Britain (GB), US, and some from other country's certificates, as well as a few OSRP special form engineering evaluations. The links above are intended to provide users with a variety of search mechanisms to locate certificates by the model number, the capsule number, the source manufacturer, or the certificate number. In cases where certificates have been replaced, the "comments" section will provide additional information. Be aware that Special Form Certificates have expiration dates and as a result may have new shipping requirements or require an updated certificate prior to transportation.

The data maintained by OSRP reflects that which has been useful to OSRP in the past and is by no means complete. Although OSRP keeps copies of some of the certificates listed in this database, detailed queries should be made directly with the issuing competent authority. The IAEA publishes a "List of National Competent Authorities Responsible for Approvals and Authorizations in Respect of the Transport of Radioactive Material" PDF. Every effort has been made to have the most up-to-date information, however we do not guarantee that the information is the most current. OSRP will attempt to review these certificates on a regular basis and provide updates as they become available.

Other possible sources of SFCs include manufacturers, distributors, service companies, waste brokers, regulatory authorities, and the the website listed below:

  • RAMPAC Database - Directory of U.S. DOE, DOT and NRC Certificates for packages or sources. View database ยป


Queries on the RAMPAC database should be directed to: Lawrence Gelder, Docket Manager for the DOE Packaging Certification Program 803-645-3490 or Lawrence.Gelder@EM.Doe.Gov.

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