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SCATR: The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors' Source Collection and Threat Reduction Program

Opportunity to Dispose of Unused Radioactive Sources

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) and DOE/NNSA have entered into a cooperative agreement to support consolidation and disposal of commercially disposable radioactive sealed sources at the State level. SCATR’s goal is to collect sources being stored and not used that pose threat to public health and safety and could possibly be used for malicious intent. DOE recognizes that the availability of disposal of such sources is limited and expensive; and has initiated this rare opportunity for licensees to have financial assistance in properly securing and disposing of these sources through this CRCPD program.

Examples of sources that would be eligible for the SCATR program include medical brachytherapy sources (137Cs and 226Ra), eye applicators, low activity sources that exceed the NRC 120-day half-life limit for decay-in-storage, long half-life industrial sources, and calibration sources. Collection time-frames across the country and potential costs to licensees depend on the number of participants in the area. There is no guarantee that CRCPD (or OSRP) can assist with removal/disposition of all radioactive material.

This program is limited to discrete radioactive material (sealed sources or vials, but not scaled pipe) that have a viable disposal path; but does not include transuranic/actinide-series isotopes (US-origin transuranic sealed sources are recovered directly by OSRP). In addition, license-exempt sources and other sources that have already passed through ten half-lives should not necessarily be registered for SCATR since in most cases they may be disposed by other means.

To participate in this program, interested parties may register unused sources with the Department of Energy Off-Site Source Recovery Program by visiting the online registration page -- https://osrp.lanl.gov/PickUpSources.aspx. Alternatively, if you have a large number of unwanted sources to register, please feel free to use this Excel Template. This file does have built in macros, so please enable them upon opening. Once your source data is registered, OSRP will forward the information to CRCPD for round-up consideration.

CRCPD's Explanation for Prospective Participants in SCATR Collection PDF

SCATR Brochure PDF

If you previously registered your unwanted sources and received an email confirmation, there is no need to re-submit your inventory. However, please notify us of changes as they occur.

[Note: Registration does not imply nor guarantee that the program can assist with removal/disposition of all radioactive material.]

Since OSRP and LANL are not responsible for this opportunity, please visit CRCPD, Inc. website at https://crcpd.org/scatr/ or contact Mr.Michael Snee at 502-545-6679 (msnee@crcpd.org) for more information. However, if you need assistance with the source registration process, please contact OSRP.

Other Options:

CRCPD List of Radioactive Waste Broker Services - to arrange disposition on your own.

CRCPD List of Possible Outlets for Common Radioactive Materials - to arrange transfer of material to another licensed entity.

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