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More OSRP Success

December 1, 2005 – The largest gamma source recovery undertaken to date by OSRP occurred the morning of Dec. 1, when the third and final high-activity shipment of DOE-owned cobalt left a Georgia university headed for disposal at the Nevada Test Site.  This final transfer completes recovery and disposal of over 66,000 Curies (220 sources) of excess and unwanted Co-60 from the university campus.  The OSRP team led the operation with major and essential contributions other national laboratories, namely Idaho National Lab and a waste management team from Lawrence Livermore, who developed the waste profile for the shipment.  The waste management staff at NTS was also indispensable to this successful operation.

school yard

Going After Gammators

August 25, 2005 – During the 1960s and early '70s, an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) program provided grants to high schools and small colleges to acquire Cs–137 irradiators called "Gammators" for use in educational programs.  These devices typically contained 200 to 400 Curies of activity.  More than 100 such devices were distributed around the United States and a number in foreign countries through the AEC program.  Most Gammators have become disused and unwanted by their owners over the past 30 years.  OSRP teams recovered two Gammator units in 1997, two in 2004, and three in April 2005.  Beginning Aug. 1, OSRP (along with project contractors) has been working to recover the last remaining 14 units listed as excess and unwanted in the United States.  The campaign is scheduled to be completed by the last week in September 2005.


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