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GB Certificates


Certificate #
Model #
Capsule #
Exp. Date
GB-308-S-85   X.1121 Amersham 1/31/2003 Expired
GB-311-S-85 CDC.CY4 X.2074   2/28/2003 Expired/Use USA/0612/S
GB-314-S-85   X.2087 Amersham 11/30/1998 Expired/Use USA/0684/S
GB-315-S-85   X.2088 Amersham 2/28/2001 Expired
GB-323-S-85 AMMK1235, AMMK7648 X.0868 AEA 12/31/2003 Expired
GB-324-S-85 AMMK7649, AMMK7650 X.0869 AEA 12/31/2003 Expired
GB-334-S-85   X.2083   3/31/2002 Expired
GB-335-S-85   X.1191, X.1191/1 AEA 10/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0639/S
GB-337-S-85   X.1188 AEA 4/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0620/S
GB-339-S-96 CLCL X.130/7 AEA 11/30/2005 Expired/Use USA/0718/S
GB-340-S-85   X.2109 AEA 3/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0618/S
GB-343-S-96   R2089 REVISS 11/28/2028  
GB-345-S-96   X.0779   7/31/2006 Expired
GB-347-S-85 AMN.CY6 X.2150, X.2150/2 Amersham 7/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0649/S
GB-348-S-96 AMC.LI X.1213 AEA 10/31/2006 Not on File
GB-351-S-85   X.9032/1 AEA 10/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0677/S
GB-352-S-85   X.1186 AEA 1/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0663/S
GB-353-S-85   X.1218 Amersham 1/31/2000 Expired/Use USA/0614/S
GB-354-S-85   X.1187 Amersham 5/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0650/S
GB-356-S-96   R6270 (X2137) REVISS 7/31/2006 Expired
GB-357-S-96   X.1237 Amersham 6/30/2005 Expired
GB-358-S-96   X.2106 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-360-S-85   X.1245 Amersham 4/30/2005 Expired
GB-361-S-85   X.1244 Amersham 8/31/2003 Expired
GB-362-S-85   X.1246 Amersham 8/31/2003 Expired
GB-363-S-85   X.1247 Amersham 5/31/2003 Expired
GB-364-S-85 AMMQ8201 Am-241 Foil Strip Amersham 8/31/2004 Expired
GB-365-S-85   X.2055 Amersham 6/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0628/S
GB-366-S-85   R6100 (X2161) REVISS 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-366-S-96   R6100 (C-440) REVISS 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-367-S-85 AMMK7540, AMMK5597 X.0849 Amersham 12/31/2003 Expired
GB-368-S-96   X.1040 Amersham 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-369-S-85   X.103 Amersham 3/31/2004 Expired
GB-370-S-85   X.2162/1 Amersham 2/28/2005 Expired/Use USA/0691/S
GB-371-S-85   X.2163/1 Amersham 2/28/2005 Expired
GB-372-S-96   R6150 (C-1001) REVISS 3/31/2007 Not on File
GB-373-S-96   R6160 (C-3001) REVISS 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-374-S-96   XN46/X.0845 Amersham 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-375-S-96   R6200 REVISS 3/31/2007 Not on File
GB-377-S-96   R6220 REVISS 8/31/2006 Expired
GB-379-S-96   R6240 REVISS 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-383-S-96 AMC.16 X.1277 Amersham 11/30/2005 Expired
GB-384-S-96   X.67/7.5; X.67/10; X.7/12; X.67/15; X.67/17; X.67/20 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-385-S-85   X.69/7.5; /10, /12, /15, /17, /20 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-386-S-85   X.4001/1 Amersham 9/30/2003 Expired
GB-388-S-85   X.2050/3 Amersham 11/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0597/S
GB-389-S-85   X.1018 Amersham 1/31/2005 Expired/Use USA/0651/S
GB-390-S-85   X.1272 Amersham 1/31/2005 Expired/Use USA/0649/S
GB-391-S-96   X.1274 Amersham 1/31/2005 Expired/ Use USA/0691/S
GB-392-S-85   X.1275 Amersham 2/28/2004 Expired/Use USA/0662/S
GB-393-S-85   X.1276 Amersham 8/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0635/S
GB-394-S-96   XN.214 Amersham 11/30/2005 Upon expiration use USA/0652/S
GB-395-S-96   R1800 (X180 OR X180/1 REVISS 11/30/2006 Not on File
GB-396-S-96   Alpha Foil Amersham 4/30/2006 Expired
GB-397-S-96   X.2138 Amersham 5/31/2004 Expired
GB-398-S-85   R1830 REVISS 2/28/2006 Expired
GB-399-S-85   R1840 REVISS 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-400-S-96   X.2167 Amersham 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-401-S-85   X.2168 Amersham 12/31/2004 Expired
GB-402-S-96   X.1290 Amersham 11/30/2005 Not on File
GB-403-S-85   AX1 AEA 10/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0632/S
GB-404-S-85   AX224 AEA 10/31/2006 Not on File
GB-405-S-85   AXN146 Amersham 10/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0619/S
GB-406-S-85   AX1094 Amersham 10/31/2006 Not on File
GB-407-S-85   AXN177 Amersham 10/31/2006 Not on File
GB-409-S-85   XN.28 Amersham 6/30/2005 Expired
GB-410-S-96   XN.162/3 Amersham 7/31/2005 Expired
GB-411-S-85   X.2170/1& /2 Amersham 1/31/2003 Expired
GB-414-S-85   X.2173 Amersham 5/31/2003 Expired
GB-416-S-96   XN.46 In X0876 Amersham 2/28/2005 Expired/Use USA 0694/S
GB-417-S-96   X.1300 Amersham 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-418-S-96   X.1299 Amersham 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-419-S-96   R2020 REVISS 5/31/2006 Expired

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