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USA Certificates

You can use the Menu "Edit", "Find" command of your browser to search this page for a certificate number, a capsule number or a model number.
To search by certificate, capsule, or model number:
1. Select Edit > Find (on this Page). The Find dialog box appears.
2. Specify the text to search for, but ensure The search criteria matches the table presentation (Example: USA-0018-S or X.34/2 or 2727-B ). Then click the Find Next button.
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Certificate # Model # Capsule # Manufacturer Exp. Date Comments
USA-0018-S SR-CF-100 series   Savannah River National Lab 7/31/2020  
USA-0024-S     General Nuclear   Not on File
USA-0030-S A-2765-AA00 SR-CF-A-1X   4/30/1980 Expired
USA-0031-S 2727-B   Monsanto 4/30/1982 Expired
USA-0036-S NRD A-001 Foil NRD Inc. 12/31/2023  
USA-0043-S 2720 Series   Monsanto 11/30/2026  
USA-0044-S 2322   Monsanto 11/30/2010 Expired
USA-0046-S 2404   Monsanto 5/31/2022 Manufactured prior to 3/31/2002
USA-0049-S 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705, 2706   Monsanto 6/30/2004 Expired
USA-0052-S 2726-A   Monsanto 9/30/1981 Expired
USA-0053-S 2726-B   Monsanto 9/30/1981 Expired
USA-0058-S CF-100 Series   G.E. Hitachi 4/30/2021  
USA-0061-B(U) T-780     3/31/2005 Expired
USA-0062-S   Teletherapy Source G.E. 5/31/2004 Expired
USA-0065-S SR-CF-1000 series   Savannah River or Oak Ridge National Labs 6/30/2025  
USA-0066-S 4F6H   3M 7/31/2024  
USA-0071-S 4D6L   3M 4/30/2024 Manufactured prior to 8/3/1989
USA-0073-S Bulk Co-60 container   G.E. 7/31/2002 Expired
USA-0074-S 4F6P   3M 11/30/2026 Manufactured prior to October 14, 1991.
USA-0076-S 2722-BT   Monsanto 5/31/1987 Expired
USA-0077-S 4F6S   3M 5/31/2025  
USA-0078-S CSV   Gulf Nuclear 7/31/2025  
USA-0080-S 24132   Monsanto 2/28/2025 Drawing No. SK195-2A0
USA-0087-S DA-5   Dresser Atlas 11/30/2018  
USA-0088-S DA-20   Dresser Atlas 7/31/2017  
USA-0095-S Series B, G, R & T Models   Source Production & Equipment Co. 9/30/2005 Expired
USA-0096-S 2408   Monsanto 4/30/1983 Expired
USA-0108-S 24107   Monsanto 4/30/1983 Expired
USA-0112-S NSR-GB   Schlumberger 8/31/2027 For sources manufactured prior to 2004.
USA-0113-S NSR-D, NSR-F, NSR-R   Schlumberger 8/31/2027  
USA-0114-S AmBe 71-1   Gulf Nuclear 9/30/2027 Manufactured prior to 1988.
USA-0115-S VL-1   Gulf Nuclear 11/30/2026  
USA-0116-S X-602-04-101   Halliburton Energy 11/30/2005 Expired
USA-0119-S 24112   Monsanto 4/31/1983 Expired
USA-0120-S 24120   Monsanto 4/30/1983 Expired
Certificate # Model # Capsule # Manufacturer Exp. Date Comments
USA-0124-B(U) F-327/F-245 (Does not include package serial no. 6)   MDS Nordion 1/31/2016 Revalidation of Canadian competent authority certificate CDN/2042/B(U)
USA-0125-B(U) F-327/F-247 Serial Nos. 1-8, 10, and 12 and up.   MDS Nordion 5/31/2016 Revalidation of Canadian competent authority certificate CDN/2037/B(U)
USA-0126-B(U) F-327/F-251: Serial Nos. 1 and above; F-327/F-251 MKII: Serial Nos. 65 and above; F-327/F-318 Serial Nos. 2-15, 17-27, 30-46, 48, 49, 51-61, 63-82, 84-94 F-327/F-251, F-327/F-251 MKII, and F-327/F-318 Transport Packages MDS Nordion 11/30/2015 Revalidation of Canadian competent authority certificate CDN/2043/B(U)
USA-0128-S MRC 2493-G or Ohmart Model B 18248-9/4   MRC, Ohmart 2/28/2005 Expired
USA-0135-S NSR-L, NSR-M , NSR-T   Schlumberger 4/30/2026  
USA-0137-S 4D6P   3M 6/22/2003 Expired
USA-0138-S S-16 (2431, 2431-A, or 2431-B)   Industrial Nucleonics (Monsanto) 7/4/2023 For S-16 with Amersham sources, use USA/0725/S
USA-0141-S GEN-CF-1X or 2765-AA00   GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas 1/31/2023  
USA-0149-S AmBe 71-2A   Gulf Nuclear 1/31/2013 Manufactured prior to 3/8/1988
USA-0154-S Model Nos. 60001, 60004, 60006, 60017, 60018, 60020, 60021, 68310   QSA Global 7/31/2012  
USA-0155-S 2721-B   Monsanto 2/28/1982 Expired
USA-0158-S NER-479C   E.I. DuPont/New England Nuclear 7/31/2026  
USA-0159-S NER-478C   E.I. DuPont/New England Nuclear 7/31/2026  
USA-0161-S NER-550 and NER-560-A   New England Nuclear 11/30/2023 NER-560-A sources must be installed in NIC-5 for disposal; or AN/UDM-10 only calibrator in Type A container only.
USA-0165-S A424-2 through A424-19 and A453-1 through A453-10   QSA Global 7/31/2013 Expired, use USA/0377/S
USA-0166-S VD, VD(HP), NB, NBG, NB(HP)   Gamma Industries 11/30/2026 Manufactured prior to August 1, 1993.
USA-0169-B(U) 0666S   U.K 7/31/2003 Expired
USA-0174-S CS-2   Gulf Nuclear 11/30/2026 Manufactured
prior to January 11, 1988.
USA-0178-S 2726-BX   Monsanto 3/31/1983 Expired
USA-0179-S Series 900 Iridium Capsule QSA Global 3/31/2025  

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