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GB Certificates

You can use the Menu "Edit", "Find" command of your browser to search this page for a certificate number, a capsule number or a model number.
To search by certificate, capsule, or model number:
1. Select Edit > Find (on (in) this Page). The Find dialog box appears.
2. Specify the text to search for, but ensure the search criteria matches the table presentation (Example: GB-59-S or X.101 or AMC.D2). Then click the Find Next button.
3. When you’re done, click the Close button to close the dialog box.

Certificate #
Model #
Capsule #
Exp. Date
GB-003-S-96 AMC.D2 X.10,X.10/2 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-004-S-96 AMC.D3 X.11,X.11/1 Amersham 8/31/2005 Expired/Use USA/0708/S
GB-007-S-85   X.1, X.1/2 Amersham 6/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0632/S
GB-008-S-85 AMN.PE1 X.2 Amersham 5/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0624/S
GB-009-S-85 AMN.PE2, AMN.19, AMNQ.6031 X.3, X.3/1 Amersham 6/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0631/S
GB-10-S-85 AMN.PE3 X.4 Amersham 5/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0623/S
GB-11-S-85 AMN.25 X.14; X.14/1 Amersham 6/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0629/S
GB-17-S-85   X.44 Amersham 12/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0501/S
GB-23-S-96 CDC.700 X.7 Amersham 7/31/2005 Expired/Use USA/0703/S
GB-24-S-85 CDC.800 X.8 Amersham 10/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0634/S
GB-25-S-85   X.9 Amersham 11/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0640/S
GB-29-S-85 AMN.170 X.20 Amersham 1/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0659/S
GB-34-S-85   X.2150,X.2150/2 Amersham 10/31/1997 Expired
GB-38-S-96 AMC.16 X.91 Amersham 4/30/2006 Expired
GB-39-S-96 AMC.17 X.92, X.92/2 Amersham 4/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0688/S
GB-40-S-85 AMC.19 X.93 Amersham 9/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0678/S
GB-41-S-85 AMC.18 X.97 Amersham 4/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0686/S
GB-43-S-85 AMN.PE5 X.21 Amersham 6/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0672/S
GB-54-S-96   XN.43 Amersham 3/30/2006 Expired
GB-55-S-96 AMC.P3 X.100 Amersham 11/30/2005 Expired
GB-56-S-96 AMC.P4 X.101 Amersham 11/30/2005 Expired/Use USA/0715/S
GB-57-S-85   X.25 Amersham 4/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0625/S
GB-59-S-96 AMC.P1
X.102 Amersham 8/31/2005 Expired/Use USA/0709/S
GB-68-S-85 AM1.N03     6/25/2001 Expired
GB-70-S-96   XN.240 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-79-S-96   XN.44 Amersham 5/31/2006 Expired
GB-106-S-96   X.85 Amersham 8/31/2005 Expired
GB-107-S-85 AMC.30 X.94 Amersham 3/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0687/S
GB-110-S-85 AMC.2084 X.1146 Amersham 3/31/2001 Expired
GB-113-S-85   X.220 Amersham 4/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0670/S
GB-117-S-96   X.19 Amersham 6/30/2005 Expired
GB-121-S-96 AMC.50 X.95 Amersham 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-140-S-85   XN.30/0,XN.30/1,XN.30/2 Amersham 7/31/1998 Expired/Use USA/0673/S
GB-143-S-96 AMC.D1 A.135/2 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired /Use USA/0720/S
GB-144-S-96 AMCL X.131/4 Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired/Use USA/0719/S
GB-145-S-96 AMCL X.130/4 Amersham 8/31/2006 Expired/Use USA/0733/S
GB-146-S-96 AMCL X.134/4, Amersham 1/31/2006 Expired
GB-149-S-85 AMNV340 X.2105 Amersham 6/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0620/S
GB-167-S-96 AMC-26 X.108 Amersham 6/30/2005 Expired/Use USA/0702/S
GB-171-S-96 SIF.D1 X.117 Amersham 3/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0685/S
GB-174-S-85 CVN.330 X.33 Amersham 8/31/2004 Expired
GB-188-S-96   XN.47 Amersham 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-189-S-85   XN.159, XN.160 Amersham 11/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0645/S
GB-190-S-96   R6000 REVISS 10/31/2019  
GB-191-S-85   X.446 Amersham 9/30/2003 Expired
GB-192-S-85   X.448 Amersham 9/30/2003 Expired
GB-193-S-85   X.540 Amersham 10/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0502/S
GB-194-S-85   X.560 Amersham 11/302004 Expired/Use USA/0689/S
GB-195-S-85   X.447 Amersham 9/30/2003 Expired
GB-196-S-85   X.60/2 Amersham 12/31/2003 Expired
Certificate #
Model #
Capsule #
Exp. Date
GB-197-S-96   R6010 REVISS 8/31/2014  
GB-198-S-96   R6020 REVISS 5/31/2006 Expired
GB-199-S-96   R6030 REVISS 8/31/2014  
GB-200-S-96   R6040 REVISS 5/31/2006 Expired
GB-201-S-96 R6050 Amersham X.65/1 REVISS 8/31/2009 Model CDC.PE8 (CDC651)
GB-202-S-96   R6060 REVISS 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-204-S-96 CVN.CY6 X.224 Amersham 8/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0647/S
GB-209-S-85 AMN.CY3 X.2064 Amersham 8/31/1998 Expired
GB-210-S-85   XN.146 Amersham 2/28/1998 Expired/Use USA/0619/S
GB-211-S-85   X.1094 Amersham 5/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0646/S
GB-212-S-85   XN.177 Amersham 5/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0643/S
GB-214-S-85 AMN.CY14 XN.214/XN.215 Amersham 7/31/2003 Expired
GB-215-S-85   XN.250/XN.251 Amersham 10/31/2002 Expired
GB-216-S-85   X.1095 Amersham 4/30/2003 Expired
GB-220-S-85   X.451 Amersham 10/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0676/S
GB-222-S-85 AMN.CY2 X.2152 (formerly XN.290, XN.291 Amersham 1/31/2004 Expired
GB-223-S-96 AMN.CY1 X.2151 Amersham 1/31/2005 Expired
GB-234-S-96   X.68/10, X.68/12, X.68/17, X.68/20 Amersham 7/31/2005 Expired
GB-242-S-85   XN.292, XN.295 Amersham 11/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0682/S
GB-244-S AMNCY.6 XN.206/XN.207 Amersham   Not on File
GB-245-S-96 AMN.CY5 X.2066 Amersham 7/31/2005 Expired
GB-246-S-85 AMN.CY4 X.2065 Amersham 3/31/2003 Expired
GB-256-S-85   X.2110 Amersham 4/30/2004 Expired/Use USA/0690/S
GB-261-S-85   X.2001 Amersham 2/28/2003 Expired/Use USA/0615/S
GB-262-S-85   X.2010 Amersham 2/28/2003 Expired
GB-264-S-96 AMN.26 X.2043 Amersham 12/31/2006 Not on File
GB-265-S-96   X.2018 Amersham 8/31/2002 Expired
GB-267-S-85 AMN.CY10 X.2007 Amersham 10/31/2003 Expired/Use USA/0651/S
GB-269-S-96   X.4016/1-5 Amersham 11/20/2005 Not on File
GB-281-S-85   X.2084 Amersham 6/30/2003 Expired/Use USA/0627/S
GB-292-S-85   SFC R1820(X1136) REVISS 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-294-S-96   X.1084 Amersham 3/31/2006 Expired
GB-295-S-96 AMN.PE8 X.2035 Amersham 10/31/2004 Expired/Use USA/0675/S
GB-302-S-96   X.1109 Amersham 9/30/2005 Expired
GB-303-S-85   XN.327 Amersham 3/31/2005 Expired
GB-305-S-96   X.2045/X.2045/1 Amersham 8/31/2006 Expired
GB-307-S-85   X.2053 Amersham 12/31/2004 Expired

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