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USA Certificates


Certificate #
Model #
Capsule #
Exp. Date
USA-0508-S A3906   Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 1/31/2025  
USA-0509-B(U) F-127, F-127-X, F-127-S, and RAI/F-127 Serial Nos. 59 and up. Nordion (Canada), Inc. 4/30/2025 Revalidation of Canadian Certificate CDN/2072/B(U)
USA-0513-S   X.560 QSA Global 3/31/2022  
USA-0514-S   AN-HP   12/31/2001 Expired
USA-0514-S   NSR-U Gammatron 1/31/2023  
USA-0515-S 3201, 3202, 3210   Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 12/31/2025  
USA-0516-S A3224-01, A3224-02, A3224-03, A3224-11, A3224-12, A3224-13, and 3807   Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 2/28/2024  
USA-0517-S 3224-04, 3224-14, 3901-1, 3901-2   Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 12/31/2025  
USA-0518-S Models 3908 and P04   Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 11/30/2025  
USA-0523-S 7810-484-1   JL Shepherd 7/31/2026  
USA-0526-S 7810-0109-R   JL Shepherd 7/31/2026  
USA-0530-S 8810-AmBe-154   JL Shepherd 12/31/2023  
USA-0531-S DSK 2384   ORNL 7/31/2026  
USA-0535-AF MFC-1   Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co. 7/7/2024 Revalidation of Japan Certificate J/105/AF-96
USA-0539-S MJ-1S,MJ-1L   Gulf Nuclear 6/20/2003 Expired
USA-0540-S 7810-9   JL Shepherd 1/31/2023  
USA-0541-S 7810-8   JL Shepherd 1/31/2023  
USA-0542-AF NFI-V   Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. 10/31/2018 Revalidation of Japan Certificate J/134/AF-96
USA-0543-S 9100   Sperry Sun 4/1/2008 Expired
USA-0544-S Model 789   Industrial Nuclear Company, Inc. (formerly
CIS-US, Inc.)
USA-0545-B(U) 3605C   U.K. Design 9/30/2007 Expired
USA-0551-B(U)F GNS-16 Cask   Nuclear Cargo + Service
9/15/2017 Revalidation of German Competent Authority Certificate D/4326/B(U)F-85
USA-0553-B(U)F AECL-CRL Irradiated Material Transportation Package   AECL 5/31/2022 Revalidation of Canadian Certificate CDN/2061/B(U)F
USA-0555-B(U) CONTRAS (Serial Numbers: 01, 02, 03 and 04)   INVAP S.E. 112/1/2021 Revalidation of Argentinian Certificate RA/00074/B(U)-96
USA-0558-B(U) JMS-87Y-18.5T   Kyoto University 10/31/2009 Expired Revalidation of Japan Certificate J/150/B(U)F-96
USA-0559-S Model 6810G, Types I, II, III, IV, V and VI   J.L. Shepherd & Associates 7/31/2025  
USA-0560-S 7810-150   J.L. Shepherd & Associates 12/31/2023  
USA-0561-B(U)F F-257 (Serial No. 2)   AECL 9/30/2021 Revalidation of Canadian Competent Authority Certificate CDN/02048/B(U)F
USA-0562-B(U) Beatrice   NTP Radioisotopes for South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA) 1/2/2028 Revalidation of South Africa Competent Authority Certificate ZA/NNR1005/B(U)
USA-0563-AF 3516 Uranic Materials Container   International Nuclear Services 8/31/18 Revalidation of British Competent Authority Certificate GB/3516A/AF-96
USA-0565-B(U)F TN-MTR   TN International 2/28/2021 Revalidation of French Competent Authority Certificate F/357/B(U)F
USA-0566-S Nos. G and T   Source Production & Equipment Co. 6/30/2023  
USA-0570-S CSN0010-192   Alpha-Omega Services 3/31/2019  
USA-0571-S VS-2000   Varian 7/31/2027  
USA-0573-B(U)F TN 7-2   Nuclear Cargo + Service GmbH 8/21/2012 Revalidation of German Competent Authority Certificate D/4342/B(U)F
USA-0575-H 2000 MED   Areva - TN Inc. 4/30/2026  
USA-0577-AF COG-OP-30B   TN International 5/31/2022 Revalidation of French Competent Authority Certificate F/358/AF
USA-0578-B(U) F-231, F0231-L, F-231-MK2, and F-231-MK2-L (Serial numbers 11 and up)   Nordion (Canada) Inc. 11/30/2026 Revalidation of Canadian Competent Authority Certificate CDN/2077/B(U)
USA-0585-AF MST-30   Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co. 3/4/2025 Revalidation of Japan Competent Authority Certificate J/159/AF
USA-0587-B(U) Gammacell 40 MK3 Irradiator Shipped in the 20WC-5 Overpack, Serial Nos. 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B) MDS Nordion 2/29/2016 Revalidation of Canadian Competent Authority Certificate CDN/2067/B(U)
USA-0589-B(U) F-327 and F-448 Transport Pacakges   MDS Nordion 10/31/2012 Revalidation of Canadian Competent Authority Certificate CDN/1041/B(U)
USA-0591-B(U) Reviss Model No. R7008   Reviss Services (UK) Ltd 6/30/2020 Revalidation of UK Competent Authority Certificate GB/3750A/B(U)
USA-0592-H(M) Model 48X and 48Y cylinders   Cameco Corp. 2/28/2026  
USA-0595-AF RAJ-III   Global Nuclear Fuel-Japan Co., Ltd. 9/3/2022 Revalidation of Japan Competent Authority Certificate J/156/AF
USA-0596-B(U) U.K Design No. 3605D   Croft Assoc. Ltd 12/31/2027 Revalidation of UK Competent Authority Certificate GB/3605D/B(U)
USA-0597-S   X.2050, X.2050/1, X.2050/2, X.2050/3 QSA Global 10/31/2015 Replaces GB/388/S-85
USA-0603-S   X.2163 QSA Global 6/30/2027  
USA-0606-S VZ-64/1 and 60041   QSA Global 8/31/2026 VZ-64/1 Manufactured
prior to April 7, 2009
USA-0608-S Series
B, G, R, and T
  Source Production & Equipment Co 4/30/2024 Manufactured after November 30, 2002
USA-0612-S   X.1301, X.1302 QSA Global 3/31/2027  
USA-0614-S   X.1218 - Manufactured on or after 1/17/1991 QSA Global 1/31/2027 Replaces GB/353/S-85
USA-0615-S   X.2001 - Manufactured on or after 11/9/1981 QSA Global 12/31/2026 Replaces GB/261/S-85
USA-0617-B(U) F-168 (1996) and F-168-X (1996) Serial numbers 53 and up. Nordion (Canada) Inc. 11/30/2026 Revalidation of Canadiam Competent Authority Certificate CDN/2081/B(U)-96
USA-0618-S X.2109 - Manufactured on or after 9/28/1987 X.2109 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/340/S-85
USA-0619-S Manufactured on or after 2/27/1981 XN146, AXN146,
and XN146/2
QSA Global 11/30/2026 Replaces GB/210/S-85 & GB/405/S-85
Certificate #
Model #
Capsule #
Exp. Date
USA-0620-S X.1188 Manufactured on or after 2/23/1988 X.1188 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/337/S & GB/149/S-85
USA-0623-S X.4 - Manufactured on or after 7/17/1980 X.4 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/10/S-85
USA-0624-S X.2 - Manufactured on or after 7/17/1980 X.2 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/8/S-85
USA-0625-S X.25 - Manufactured on or after 6/14/1976 X.25 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/57/S-85
USA-0627-S X.2084 - Manufactured on or after 7/28/1983 X.2084 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/281/S-85
USA-0628-S X.2055 - Manufactured on or after 10/30/1992 X.2055 QSA Global 7/31/2027 Replaces GB/365/S-85
USA-0629-S X.14, X.14/1 - Manufactured on or after 7/17/1980 X.14, X.14/1 QSA Global 7/31/2027 Replaces GB/11/S-85
USA-0630-S   Neutron Source GE 8/31/2003 Expired
USA-0631-S X.3 - Manufactured on or after 7/17/1980 X.3 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/9/S-85
USA-0632-S AX1, X.1, X.1/2 Manufactured on or after 5/17/1977 AX1, X.1, X.1/2 QSA Global 6/30/2027 Replaces GB/7/S-85 & GB/403/S-85
USA-0634-S X.8 - Manufactured on or after 9/23/1981 X.8 QSA Global 7/31/2027 Replaces GB/24/S-85
USA-0635-S X.1276 - Manufactured on or after 7/29/1980 X.1276 QSA Global 3/31/2027 Replaces GB/393/S
USA-0638-S   VZ-260 QSA Global 4/30/2013  
USA-0639-S X.1191, X.1191/1 -Manufactured on or after 7/23/1987 X.1191, X.1191/1 QSA Global 7/31/2027 Replaces GB/335/S-85
USA-0640-S X.9 - Manufactured on or after 10/6/1981 X.9 QSA Global 9/30/2027 Replaces GB/25/S-85
USA-0643-S XN177, AXN177 - Manufactured on or after 3/5/1981 XN177, AXN177 QSA Global 10/31/2027 Replaces GB/212/S-85 & GB/407/S-85
USA-0645-S XN159/XN160 - Manufactured on or after 2/27/1980 XN.159/ XN.160 QSA Global 9/30/2027 Replaces GB/189/S-85
USA-0646-S X1094 and AX1094 - Manufactured on or after 2/26/1981 X.1094, AX1094 QSA Global 9/30/2027 Replaces GB/211/S-85 & GB/406/S-85
USA-0647-S X224 and AX224 - Manufactured on or after 10/14/1980 X.224, AX224 QSA Global 9/30/2027 Replaces GB/204/S-85 & GB/404/S-85
USA-0649-S X.1272 - Manufactured on or after 1/31/1980 X.1272 QSA Global 9/30/2027 Replaces GB/390/S-85 & GB/347/S-85

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GB Certificates
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